Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Too sick to run

For the first time in my brief running career I find myself too sick to run.  I came down with a nasty cold over the weekend, unable to sleep, head stuffed up, coughing, lost my voice.  Running wasn't an option, I had trouble going up and down stairs.  Today I'm feeling a bit better but still have joint pain, a cough, and no voice.  My immediate concern is the 10K trail race I have on Saturday but I figure even if I don't improve dramatically between now and then I'll be able to finish that race, if not be too competitive.  But I expect to be somewhat better by then.  What is more intriguing is how my resistance to leftover Halloween candy is practically non-existent when I'm not exercising regularly.  The relationship between exercise and will power is a strong one, and I need the former to bolster the latter.

Maybe I'll feel well enough tomorrow for a short run at lunch.  I want to get at least one or two runs in before the race, even if they are short and slow, just to shake out the cobwebs.

And I miss it. Not running is hard.