Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pushing Myself

I'm learning how to push myself, something that's new for me. I ran 7 with Robyn on Saturday and then headed out for a shorter run on Sunday. At first I expected to do 4, but I quickly switched to my 6 mile loop because I felt good. As I came back across the river and turned for home I decided to stretch things a bit and head for Inman. Once there, I headed to Union Sq and eventually headed up Somerville Ave to finish just over 8 miles. Often I start a run with grand expectations for a long workout and end up cutting it short because I'm not feeling great. But lately I've been exceeding my initial plan because I'm enjoying the run, even on treadmill runs.

Is this the Zone? I don't know, but I've gotten to the point in some runs where I lose track of time, don't feel the miles, lose myself in the moment. Sometimes my mind wanders, other times I feel focused and in the moment. I can't predict what will happen when I head out the door since I still have bad sessions from time to time, and will cut a run short if I'm not feeling it. But more and more I find that I am open to pushing myself in a workout beyond my expectations, and I like that.