Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Morning run after race

I ran the Bay State Half on Sunday, took Monday off, and wanted to get back into my routine by Tuesday. I felt much better than I expected so I planned for a morning run today. Got up at 5:30, put on my new shirt from the Bay State :) and reflective vest, hat and gloves, and headed out with my headlamp in flashing mode. It was cool but felt about the same as the temp at start time on Monday.

I really like the stillness of the morning when the streets are mostly empty and a few runners and bikers are the only ones moving. I checked my pace a few times but was mostly interested in stretching the legs. Some of the other early morning runners are becoming familiar faces; a community of people with a common interest but who never speak to one another. I run on the little dirt paths next to the paved bike path but I'm concerned about tripping in the dark so if it gets rough I cut back over.

The turn at River Street behind me, I headed for home feeling pretty good. There was no soreness, no twinges of pain when I stepped over curves. It was still dark as I pulled in front of the house, just under 9:00 pace. Time to start my day.