Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snowy run

I managed to get out of the office just as the snow started falling. By the time I got to Alewife the snow was sticking pretty well and traffic had slowed considerably. On Concord Ave at dusk I noticed two runners, clad in standard issue neon yellow tops and black tights pick their way through the 1/2" of freshly fallen snow on the sidewalk and glide effortlessly along the crosswalk. That looks like fun, I thought, but it'll be fully dark by the time I make it home. Some memories flooded back of training for Boston when I ran in all weather, pre-dawn or post-sunset so I decided to give it a shot. Somerville had declared a snow emergency so my first order of business was to find parking but as I came in the door I announced to Monica that I was going to change and go for a run. Without skipping a beat she said that I should grab the ankle reflectors in the closet. That's why I married her. :)

Off with the work clothes, on with the winter running gear. Tights, shell, hat, gloves, reflective vest and ankle reflectors. The trail runners seemed a better choice for the conditions so I put those on along with my Dirty Girl gaiters. Out the door I went, just 15 minutes after arriving home, into the steadily falling snow and full darkness - although with all the streetlights and white snow it was hard to tell. I had two flashing lights and lots of reflective gear so I felt as safe as I could as I took off down the street.

It wasn't quiet like some snowy runs; everyone was on their way home and the streets were still full of cars. The sidewalk was fairly good traction but slippery in places so I took my time. Waiting at the first stoplight I wondered in the people in their cars were looking at me like I was looking at the two runners I saw, only without the gliding effortlessly - I plod. I'm a plodder. The Walk sign came up and off I went towards Harvard Square. I met a few runners and we exchanged self-congratulatory pleasantries before parting ways. I decided to stick to the more well light route since I was having some trouble seeing the contours of the brick sidewalk and didn't want to trip.

Along the river it was quiet and snowy and all I had hoped for. As I crossed the bridge and waited for traffic it struck me that I loved living near the city. I continued inbound on the Boston side of the Charles following another runners footprints and the path of one seriously confused bicyclist. I crossed paths with another runner at the next bridge, but they were so bundled up that I couldn't tell their gender. We gave each other a silent wave. Back on the Cambridge side I was slipping a bit and had trouble staying in the middle of the sidewalk - maybe it was time to finish this up. Back through Harvard Square and back to the brick sidewalks that were now making it tough to keep any rhythm to my stride. Almost home - do I push it? Nope, just not worth it. And it wasn't what I was looking for tonight.

In my training log it's listed as 3.7 miles at a fairly slow pace. In my memory it's a winter wonderland.

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