Sunday, June 10, 2012

Runners are stupid

Especially injured runners. This isn't a groundbreaking revelation, but I'm pretty lousy at being injured.  For the past two weeks I've been fighting a nagging pain in my left hip/leg/thigh that doesn't respond to ice, stretching, or Ibuprofen.  The only option remaining seems to be a pretty drastic one; and I'm not sure I'm ready for it but it may be time: rest.  All athletes hate being on the sidelines, and I'm no different.

The worst part is that we are finally getting some good weather after a week of rain and some killer thunderstorms.  I'm stuck in the house with an ice pack on my leg while outside everyone and their sister is running, biking, hiking, and generally having a heck of a time out there.  Rest sucks: it's the absence of fun. I even forced myself to run last week while I was having trouble walking up stairs.  I would hold onto the railing and pull myself up each flight and somehow I felt it was a good idea to run 5 miles.

Monica and I went for a hike in the Blue Hills on Saturday and I was hoping that my leg would loosen up after a bit.  No such luck; about 15 minutes into the hike I knew we couldn't do our planned route, and it probably would be best to just turn around.  So naturally I insisted we go another 10 minutes to the viewpoint, limping up the climb and stumbling back down.  Back at the car we ran into friends from the AMC who were halfway through a double Skyline traverse and I felt even worse about the whole thing.  So instead, we went shopping.

I've got a race on Sunday, so I'm going to rest all week.  Assuming I can survive the rest I should be able to struggle through 5 miles since I really don't care about the time.  I have to run it since the race comes with a t-shirt and I won't be able to wear it if I don't finish the race.  And of course there's BBQ at the end.  That's good for recovery, right?

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