Thursday, March 24, 2011

One Month to go

This past Sunday I ran 13.1 miles along the Charles River and it was an "easy" long run.  I've got two more long runs before the marathon; 21 miles this weekend on the marathon course (Hopkinton to BC) and then another 13-14 the following weekend.  The weekend before the marathon is a short run (6-8 miles) and then taper until the big day.  It's getting closer, and I'm getting a little anxious about not doing anything new or different that would risk injury.  The legs are feeling pretty good and I want them to stay that way for another three weeks.

The run this weekend is a dry run for the marathon - I'm going to be using the same clothes, socks, shoes, etc.  The forecast is for temps in the 30's and sunny, hopefully the race day will be a little warmer than that.  But there's no rain (or snow) in the forecast so that's a plus.  This weekend is the time when all the fund raising (Plug! Plug!) groups stage a supported run along the route.  I've never seen the start of the course so it will be great getting some experience on the downhill at the start.  Runners say that the downhill is the hard part, so it's important to me to know what to expect.

I'm trying not to look past Patriot's Day.  I have all sorts of plans for the spring and summer but I'll just have to wait and see how I feel after the race.  I may never want to do one of these again or I may sign up for a fall marathon.  Let's get one finished before I worry about that.